Natural Casing’s variable permeability permits uniform deep smoke penetration throughout the entire sausage to create rich, balanced flavor from start to finish.
Variable permeability also allows products to “breathe”, which contributes to enhancing the sweet aroma of fresh sausage, whether resting in a meat case, or sizzling on a stove or grill.
Natural Casing help to protect and retain the fine flavor of sausage and seasonings.
Thanks to its endothermic quality, sausage in Natural Casings stays tender and juicy, maintains a fresher appearance, and helps provide extended self life.
The osmotic quality of Natural Casing means an intermingling of flavors inside and outside the sausage while sizzling in the skillet, on the grill, or under the broiler; it also contributes to enhanced eye appeal during cooking.
Bite into a sausage made with Natural Casing and you’ll experience a distinctive “snap” that only natural casings provide.
Superior tensile strength enables maximum yield for sausage manufacturers.    
Sausage in Natural Casings has a well-filled, substantial and appealing appearance, connoting good value for a consumer’s food purchasing dollar.
Variety of shape and diameters, coupled with inviting appearance, give sausage in Natural Casing strong display appeal.
“Natural” continues to be one of the most powerful words influencing consumers buying decisions today.
Outstanding Benefits of Natural Sausage Casing